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Defensive Playbook

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Base Running Points of emphasis.


  • Proper lead off EVERY TIME. When not stealing, lead off behind the base line
  • Be prepared to dive back: right hand tag outfield side of base, face turned away
  • Know the situation: must run or not.
  • Ground ball to outfield: Look for 2 bases.
  • Ground ball hit behind you: Always run.
  • Fly ball hit behind you, including foul ball: Tag up. Go if fielder turns her back to you.
  • Fly ball hit in front of you: Go part way.
  • When on 3rd base, lead off in foul territory, go back in fair territory.
  • Always advance as far as you can when trailing a rundown.

Bunting Points of Emphasis


  • Sacrifice Bunt
  • Goal: Advance runner from 1st base to 2nd base
  • Set up at the front of the batters box
  • "Catch" the ball with the bat, drop the ball on the ground too far for the catcher to field.
  • Defense does not need to be surprised.
  • Bunt for Hit
  • Goal: Squeeze play to score runner from 3rd base
  • Normal stance
  • Must surprise the defense
  • Slug Bunt
  • Goal: Advance runner from 2nd base, either by steal or hit, and get on base
  • Looks like a sacrafice bunt
  • Ball MUST be hit on the ground behind the runner
  • Push Bunt
  • Goal: Advance runner from 1st base to 2nd base
  • Looks like a sacrafice bunt
  • Ball is pushed to the empty spot where the 2nd baseman is normally positioned. Works when 2nd base is cheating towards first
  • Drag Bunt
  • Goal: Get on base, typically by fast, left handed batters